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FUSION Magic sparkles glitter creme palette

FUSION Magic sparkles glitter creme palette


Magic Sparkles Colour Shifting Glitter Cream Palette

Introducing Fusion Body Art Magic Sparkles | Colour Shifting Glitter Cream Palette – the ultimate solution for adding a mesmerizing touch of bling to your hair and body! This carefully crafted palette features a collection of colour shifting high-end glitter sparkles, designed to elevate any design and create stunning looks that will captivate all eyes.
Unlike water-based glitter gels that tend to dry out over time, Fusion Glitter Creams are formulated to stay vibrant and fresh, ensuring long-lasting sparkle that won't disappoint. Say goodbye to dull and lackluster glitter applications – our Glitter Cream Palette guarantees a radiant and dazzling finish every time.
Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our Magic Sparkles | Colour Shifting Glitter Cream Palette is a testament to our commitment to excellence. It includes Carnauba Wax, a natural plant-derived vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic wax known for its superior performance. We've also added Natural Microcrystalline Wax, which enhances the creams' softness, consistency, and flow, ensuring effortless application.
Not only does this palette provide stunning visual effects, but it is also made with ingredients known for their skin nourishing properties. Infused with Polyisobutylene, an ingredient normally used as a moisturizing agent due to is renowned long-lasting moisture retention properties, our Glitter Creams will spread over your skin in a soft and smooth fashion creating a luxurious experience.

Row 1: 1 - Pixie Dust | 2 - Pixie Kiss | 3 - Twinkle Stars | 4 - Golden Rays | 5 - Golden Fairy [UV Reactive] | 6 - Mardi Gras [UV Reactive]

Row 2: 7 - Cosmic [Colour Shifting] | 8 - Magic Dragon [Colour Shifting] | 9 - Tiger Flare [Colour Shifting] | 10 - Autumn Leaves [Colour Shifting] | 11 - Fairy Sprinkles [UV Reactive] | 12 - Unicorn Freckles [UV Reactive]

Row 3: 13 - Mystical Purple [UV Reactive, Colour Shifting] | 14 - Pink Roses [Colour Shifting] | 15 - Pink Crush [Colour Shifting] | 16 - Lavender Fields [UV Reactive, Colour Shifting] | 17 - Pink Delight [UV Reactive] | 18 - Unicorn Disco [UV Reactive]

Row 4: 19 - Purple Night [Colour Shifting] | 20 - Ocean Dive [Colour Shifting] | 21 - Wonderland | 22 - Mermaid Magic [Colour Shifting] | 23 - Mermaid Scales [Colour Shifting] | 24 - Aurora [UV Reactive]

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